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Live the difference with personalized nutrition care that is as unique as you are.

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The dietitians of Rita E-Nutrition Consultants LLC share a deep desire to help individuals achieve their nutritional goals. Whether you’re seeking help for disease prevention/management, eating disorder treatment, or weight management, each client is individually evaluated and provided with a well-researched and comprehensive plan they can follow for the rest of their lives.




Mapping Your Health

Nutritional health is more than just a number on a scale. An individual's genetics, physiology, nutritional history, and lifestyle all play a role. Rita E-Nutrition Consultants LLC dietitians will take a deep dive and help navigate your nutritional journey. We aim to treat the person and the causes of symptoms to promote overall health and vitality. Find your nutritional harmony today!


The Guidance You Need

Rita E-Nutrition Consultants LLC dietitians are passionate about helping individuals establish a good relationship with food and their body. The dietitian will help the individual identify trigger foods and harmful food behaviors, then provide strategic tools and techniques to decrease/abstain from disordered eating patterns to create a successful long-term recovery path.


Develop Quality Healthcare/Services

People encounter nutritional decisions multiple times throughout the day. Companies, healthcare providers, and schools are all trying to do their part to steer those choices towards healthy lifestyles and eating habits. Rita E-Nutrition Consultants LLC dietitians can provide food service and clinical consulting, train staff, and help promote workplace wellness.




Founder/Registered Dietitian

Rita's passion and nutrition related experience is in helping people with various types of nutritional-management of disease states, eating disorders, addictions and other co-occurring disorders. Her goal is to help all clients to establish a healthy relationship with food and their body in order to maintain long-term success in their health and longevity.

Health Profs Profile

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~ Allison ~

Rita has been a fundamental and crucial part in my recovery from disordered eating. Over the last 2 years, Rita has not once wavered from her thoughtful and dedicated approach. She helped me set realistic goals while giving me the support and resources to achieve them. Rita went above what any dietitian has done for me: vetting out therapist, debunking wellness myths, navigating eating out by reviewing menus, in person fear food exposure, grocery shopping planning, and keeping an open dialog over text to share my food logging, questions, & feelings. Rita has helped me break down toxic ways of thinking  and instead create a healthy sustainable relationship with food and my body. I can confidently say with Rita, you are in good hands.


Following an unexpected allergic food reaction and a long medical journey seeking answers to difficult medical questions, I found myself in a place where I had developed a fear based and negative relationship with everyday foods.  I had very little food variety in my life and struggled to eat enough calories to sustain a healthy mind and body.  I found Rita E-Nutritional Consultants through online research and it changed my health for the better.  Rita listened to my concerns, developed goals and helped me reach them.  She is very knowledgeable and kind.  She gave me the courage and accountability I needed to change the direction of my eating disorder but allowed me the freedom to grow in my own time.  I will forever be grateful for her services and would recommend her for anyone with struggles similar to my own or related to diet and nutrition.  


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